1. Corrigo’s additional warranty services are referred to below as the “Service”.
    2. The Service may be registered exclusively for products purchased in the Republic of Croatia, and the execution of the Services is limited to the territory of the Republic of Croatia.
    3. The service cannot be purchased and registered for a product whose factory warranty has expired.
    4. The service does not cover:
      • faults on batteries and accumulators,
      • defects on consumables and parts consumed by regular use (eg inks, toners, heater,…) and/or on accessories that are not part of the basic product,
      • any kind of physical damage,
      • failures caused by improper use or negligence of users,
      • failures caused by external factors such as lightning, fire, flood, etc.,
      • anomalies that do not significantly affect the performance of the product, eg cosmetic imperfections such as discolouration or wear of the housing colour and similar damage to the product.
    5. The service is not transferable and is valid only for the product for which it is registered.
    6. Compensation in case of total damage in cash is not possible, the product is repaired or, in case of impossibility of repair, changed for a product of the same or better technical characteristics, according to the assessment of the authorized service.
    7. It is possible to extend the warranty of the product on all offered Services up to a maximum of 48 months, starting from the date of purchase. Exceptionally, in the case of promotions or additional promotions, the warranty may be extended up to a maximum of 60 months.
    8. Manufacturer’s warranties are valid as primary warranties, as are any other warranties or contractual obligations of third parties.
    9. In case of damage, other insurances are charged first (eg if the property and movables in it are insured, damage to the computer, TV, etc. is first covered from that insurance, and the difference to the real damage is compensated by Corrigo). In the event of damage to the product caused by a third party, the damage is first settled from the third party’s insurance policy, and the possible difference is compensated by Corrigo.
    10. When replacing a product, after the user receives a replacement product, the defective product, together with its accessories, becomes the property of the authorized service centre that performed the replacement.
    11. Normal wear and gradual deterioration of the quality of work of the product is not considered a malfunction or damage and as such is not covered by this Service.
    12. Software problems and product setup are not covered by the warranty, and such services are subject to an additional charge.
    13. This Service does not cover subsequently purchased equipment and accessories.
    14. Compensation for consequential damage, damage to property and damage to connected accessories is not covered by this Service.
    15. Professionals who perform work such as deliveries, installation, upgrades, etc., are responsible for their work.
    16. To avoid misuse of the Service, Corrigo Total and Corrigo Accidental Services are limited to a maximum of two interventions per year.
    17. If during the service, the product is replaced (eg under the manufacturer’s warranty), the service also applies to the new product until the expiration of the service purchased for the original product.
    18. The Service is valid only upon presentation of an invoice for the product and the Service.
    19. In the event of a breakdown, the duration of the Service is extended for the duration of the repair of the product, ie as long as the user has been deprived of the use of the product.
    20. The Service Provider (MR servis d.o.o.) reserves the right to assess whether the general or specific condition of the device is a factor that contributed to the manifested failure / failures, and in that case may refuse to cover the costs of repair.
    21. The Service Provider (MR servis d.o.o.) gives the user of the device an additional limited warranty in accordance with the identical warranty given by the product manufacturer unless otherwise stated in the general terms of the Corrigo warranty.
    22. Fault reports can only be made in the manner defined in the description of the Service.


The service must be registered for the duration of the factory warranty and on the advertised product, otherwise it is not valid! The service cannot be registered later!


Malfunction report

We hope that the device for which you have registered this extended warranty will serve you properly and that you will not have any technical problems working with it. If the device still malfunctions, please report it to one of the contacts listed below.

In case of failure and sending the device for service, be sure to enclose the registration certificate with the device.

The service is valid only upon presentation of an invoice for the purchased device and Corrigo additional warranty, the data of which correspond to the data on the activated service.


You can register or report a fault on:

1 WEB form:
2 e-mail: info@corrigo.hr 
3 Fax: 01/3654 982
4 Phone (for fault reporting only): 01/6401 111
5 Mail: MR servis d.o.o. (for Corrigo), Dugoselska cesta 5. 10372 Rugvica



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